It’s Kenau V and Jack V from Techky Apparel. We are back for Part 2 of ‘From Grocery Bags to Tech Swag’. We are learning the story behind Jack, the CEO of Techky Apparel, and his journey from literally bagging groceries at Publix to working in tech, and then creating some tech swag for our brand TechkyApparel. If you did not catch part 1 please go back and read part 1 because this is Part 2 so let’s get into

Kenau: Jack, we’re at the part where you are in Georgia and you already had the clothing brand going from Florida so where did the whole Techky Apparel Streetwear for Techs and tech lovers idea come

Jack: Alright so the idea for the street wear brand was the lack thereof with any urban clothing that would actually resonate with myself (and my tech career). I like to dress a little bit more urban and I could not find anything that was screaming out to me so I thought ‘hey this might be an open market for
me to get into.’

Kenau: OK I get it, I feel you, so you are the customer that you’re currently selling to. Your brand is what customers like you are looking for. More like a see a need fill a need going on. OK I got you. So you haveyour streetwear brand and then what else are you trying to do with this brand, just put out dope clothing? Or is there more to the methods of the madness?

Jack: Um yeah there is more to the method of the madness. I actually wanted to kind of keep things trendy I’ve been noticing especially during research is that the urban style streetwear kind of like the hype beast is what’s trending in a lot of spaces for a lot of different ethnicities and I thought that it would be the best place to drive our market into people being able to dress like this.

Kenau: That makes sense (to keep things current and trendy). And then is there a certain statement that you’re trying to push with your brand or a certain agenda or movement that you want to see come from Techky Apparel?

Jack: Yes, there is a special agenda that I actually want to push and that agenda is that it’s OK to dress in this form of style if that’s what makes you comfortable. Just like one of our main pieces that we’ve sold so many of which was the Not Your Ordinary Tech (t-shirt). I feel like it resonated with a lot of people who felt like they didn’t have to dress with a suit and tie in order to fit into this tech space and know that they are still welcome into the space and can do both things that they love which is getting into
tech and also dressing well and dressing nice in this form of fashion.

Kenau: OK so pretty much you’re creating an inclusive environment, one where people could let their hair down and be themselves. OK I like that, so do you feel like your agenda is being heard? Do you feel like you’re making strides or is there more work to do with getting this diversity and inclusion message out there? What do you see happening with that statement that you’re trying to push with your brand?

Jack: Currently I’m seeing a mixture of both. There’s a lot of people who are very supportive and are very pleased with what we’re bringing to the table and I think on the other end of it is, not that people are opposed to it, but I think they are just kind of shy to talk about it or simply don’t want to talk about making tech diverse & inclusive. There are a lot of groups and cliques within the tech industry so trying to reshape their thinking is going to take time. I’m not going to shoot down some of the strides we’ve
made but there are definitely more conversations needed and changes to be put in place.

Kenau: OK so do you think tech or STEM and that whole sector, do you think that it would ever be inclusive? It kind of seems like you got your work cut out here, so do you think that spreading your message and then trying to help bridge that gap through using your fashion, do you think tech will ever be inclusive and receptive of diversity?

Jack: Yeah to be honest I feel the work is cut out for us but I can only hope that things do change probably with the help of more collaborative type of work in our community that it could probably push us into a better direction and also can heighten the level that we’re trying to get to with pushing the narrative of it being more diverse in this industry.

Kenau: OK good, and your right about collaborations, so you’re open to collaborations correct?

Jack: Correct. I’m more than open to collaborations.

Kenau: Great, because teamwork makes the dream work, so if there is someone that comes across this interview how can they reach you so they can collaborate with you?

Jack: They can always reach us on our e-mail which is or you can always DM us on any of our platforms whether it is on Twitter, whether it is Instagram, Facebook, you can also add us on @techkyapparel on those platforms as well…and Tik Tok if you follow us.

Kenau: So you’re on Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook too. And the e-mail is I love it, you know, everything that I’m hearing this is very motivational and even though there is a lot of work to do in this space, you are up for the challenge

Jack: That’s correct

Kenau: And we can make movements through fashion. Who would have thunk that we could make movements and create conversations through fashion in tech! And all of this sounds crazy but it’s real and Techky Apparel is here, and you know Jack is here to stay. He’s really hoping for the best and he’s hoping for a brighter future. Any final statements or anything that you want to wrap this interview up

Jack: Just be you, be comfortable in your skin, and be comfortable with what you wear. It’s all about the knowledge in your brain that can get you many places. It really doesn’t matter because it’s all about what’s in your noggin to be honest.

Kenau: Right, you are smart enough. Is that what you mean by “what matters is in your noggin”?

Jack: Exactly, there was one thing that a doctor told me in the operating room when I was working with them is that, they can take away everything that they wanna take away from you but, they can never take away your knowledge so always keep that in mind. Knowledge is power and that’s the most
important thing and that’s where it is.

Kenau: Right, exactly. For me I’m a tech enthusiast but I do a lot of research on tech, and tech can kind of be a little judgy based on how people dress so I like the fact that that doctor said to you it’s not about anything else it’s about your knowledge. They could take away everything else but they can’t take away your knowledge so I think that is a key take away for anybody interested in tech or you know anybody in tech that feels like they don’t look the part. Listen, it’s not about how you look it’s about your
knowledge it’s about who you are but if you are concerned about how you look don’t forget to checkout Techky Apparel because we have some very nice designs. Also, don’t forget to drop us a review and drop us a follow. Thank you so much Jack for your time, for your motivation, and we’re out!


Meet the author:

Kenau Victor, Co-Founder of Techky Apparel Brand, LLC and a tech enthusiast


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  • Lesley Nuñez

    Thank you Jack and Kenau for your fresh new bussiness and ideas. I think that you will and have influenced many young people to go out and grab their dreams.. just like you are doing.. keep pushing forward !

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