Behind The Design: "No Signal" Disrupts The Tech Industry

Behind The Design: "No Signal" Disrupts The Tech Industry

The Disruption Has Begun: This Is NOT A Test

I'm sure you've heard that the Tech industry is not diverse enough. If you work in tech, then you have seen it firsthand the lack of representation. Women, Hispanics and African Americans are the super minority & are often neglected when they find themselves working at various tech companies. The fact that this topic is not openly expressed tends to raise a few eyebrows. One person who felt the need to address this issue publicly but in a different way was the CEO of Techky Apparel, Jack Victor. Not only did he experience the discomforts of feeling like he didn't belong but he was also stereotyped as someone that probably didn't know how to work with technology and is working in a field that is "boring" and for "nerds".

This misconception was enough to lead him towards pushing for diversity & inclusion in tech through fashion. Him and his wife, Kenau, worked together to create designs that would be conversation starters and fashion savvy to spark interest in the tech industry while catering to the new modern era of style and techs. It was time to change the channel from the norm within the industry and work towards making an important change. We have been tuned in to the wrong channel so now it's time to interrupt the program and address the elephant in the room. The "No Signal" design is one of the staple Techky pieces that represents that overdue disruption.

Change The Narrative With "No Signal"

Let's deep dive into the design layout of this graphic t-shirt so we can all truly be on the same "channel":

First and foremost, the print comes from the blurred No Signal image that pops up when your television program has ended or an important message is about to come through. Knowing that Techky Apparel is a tech brand with designs that relate to tech it only made sense to use a television No Signal image because a TV is technology. Next, there was the color scheme. Using a black and white fuzzy image was not going to showcase the message of diversity so instead a colorful No Signal image was used to show that there are many shades and colors within the tech industry. 

To tie it all together, the message that was figuratively implied is that Techky Apparel is disrupting the normal program and changing the channel to a more inclusive one that accepts all people in tech no matter where they come from. Since launching "No Signal", Techky Apparel has had the pleasure of seeing those that are IN and OUT of tech wearing the design and agreeing with the message that it brings. Conversations are definitely becoming more openly expressed and a lot of people are joining the movement to change the narrative with "No Signal". 

Fashion has a way of allowing people to safely & quietly express themselves because all it takes is someone to read it and understand or ask questions. If more people were to wear "No Signal" can you imagine how much of a difference will be made in the tech industry?



Meet the author:

Kenau Victor, Co-Founder of Techky Apparel Brand, LLC and a tech enthusiast

Kenau Victor Of Techky Apparel Brand LLC, CEO 



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