How To Find Your Path In Tech & Advance In The Tech Industry

How To Find Your Path In Tech & Advance In The Tech Industry
Do you find yourself stuck trying to figure out where you fit into the broad Tech industry OR are you looking for ways to advance in Tech? If the answer is YES, then you may want to continue reading so you can learn more ways on how to find your path in Tech with no experience AND how to grow in the Tech space.


List your current skills

As a Tech newbie it is important to analyze & apply the skills you have to a Tech niche

Ex#1: If your good at sales you can go towards Tech Sales

Ex#2: If your savvy with Tik Tok, IG, FB, etc then go towards Social Media Manager

Ex#3: If you are into aesthetics & graphic design then look into Web Developer  


RESEARCH the digital space that align w/your skills

Google has tons of info you can start with



Practice & build your portfolio

If you chose web Developer, then try to get practice with designing websites for new businesses. On the contrary, if you want to be hands on like a technical analyst then practice fixing printers, cracked cell phone screens, trouble shooting computers, etc.

**TIP: This can be added to your resume**

**BONUS TIP: If your not working in Tech then you can work for a Tech company doing HR or customer service for Twitter, Google, Amazon, etc. These companies will be around for a while!!**




Be an opportunist (in a good way) by taking hold of every opportunity to present yourself to someone that is in the tech space of your interest. Sending emails & reaching out to Tech recruiters on LinkedIn is a great way to get your feet wet with the process.


For those of you already in the industry & are looking to ADVANCE in Tech...keep reading 


Personality sells

Be mindful of first impressions when interviewing and connecting with another department in tech. Sometimes they just want to know that they can work well with you on their team. Also, have a good working relationship with your current IT manager & co-workers so they can put in a good word for you 😉



Refresh your resume

If your looking towards changing job titles from Help Desk Analyst, for example, and you have coding skills from a boot camp you took, go ahead and add those skills to your resume so it reflects additional expertise you may have.



Connect with tech niche of interest

Reaching out to the other area you wish to advance to, and giving an intro of yourself, while also expressing interest in upcoming positions will set you apart from the masses. Mention the skills you have, certifications or projects you worked on, and inquire about next steps to take to land a position in their department.

**TIP: Also ask about internships & shadowing opportunities so you can be a fly on the wall while learning new skills & analyzing if you will like doing that type of work daily**



NO degree + NO experience = NO problem

Experience is NOT the key factor. Jobs in tech are increasing as everything is becoming more digital so there is a demand for workers. Companies will be willing to hire you with just a certification or side projects that you did on your own. Please note, not every job in tech requires a degree & a certification will be just fine to get employed. 

**TIP: Some Tech companies are accepting credits from Google courses**

**BONUS TIP: Google courses has a 6 months IT Project Management certification in which you can make up to $80K-100K annually once hired!**


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