Behind The design: "TECH WRLD" Speaks On Modern Tech Era

Behind The design: "TECH WRLD" Speaks On Modern Tech Era

Tech + Fashion = Techky Style

Since Techky Apparel hit the internet back in July 2020, we have always been a brand that merges tech with fashion. These two things in itself are trending topics that have been around and are not going anywhere anytime soon. We wear clothing every day and we are heading even more towards a tech/digital era. Our designs and everything we do will always embody both aspects of tech and fashion with a streetwear edge. Lo and behold we are at it again with our new design “TECH WRLD”.

Embrace The Digital Race

Don’t take this sub heading out of context. There is literally a digital race going on and everybody is looking for the next new technology, the next tech startup, the next cryptocurrency and so on. This generation is very “techie” and yet some are still in denial that we are in a “TECH WRLD”. This new drop embraces and recognizes the fact that this current era we are living in is very similar to the Matrix and we are about to be somewhere in the metaverse. With that in mind, the “TECH WRLD” design was structured based off of the world a.k.a Earth which is in outer space, giving it that galactic vibe (hence the reason we used Travis Scott song Astro Thunder as the staple song for this drop). Getting more into the details of the “TECH WRLD” design is the cracks in between the words, which added more of a detailed hype beast kind of vibe. These cracks signify the fact that tech has done some pretty groundbreaking things and it’s cracking or entering the world with a heavy impact. This indeed is the era of digital disruption. This collection comes with matching shorts in 5 super dope colors:

-Space Jam (purple)

-Blue Neptune

-Green Nebula

-Galaxy Pink

-Mars Orange

Did you notice the other Galaxy aspect in the names? When designing these pieces, we put so much thought and effort into all the fine details of it. We want our designs to tell a story & “TECH WRLD” is a story within itself.



Meet the author:

Kenau Victor, Co-Founder of Techky Apparel Brand, LLC and a tech enthusiast

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