5 Things For Women To Do In Tech

5 Things For Women To Do In Tech
The lack of support (and poor guidance) for women in tech is quite discouraging that it is no wonder a lot of women are wanting to leave their tech jobs or become less enthusiastic about pursuing a career in tech. Hopefully, by the time you get to the end of this article, you begin to feel more encouraged to continue on with your desire to enter a field with high growth & opportunities. The tech industry is so broad and male dominated that the small percentage of women who enter into the tech space tend to feel drowned out and lost in figuring out which direction is the right way to go. You may be asking yourself, "where does a gal like me fit in? And what roles can a woman in I.T. take on with opportunities to advance?". Well, look no further because listed in this blog are 5 career paths that women can pursue in tech. These are just a few roles that can present opportunities for women to excel and are not limited to just being ONLY for women. Men can get into these positions as well. However, this is just some motivation for women that want to enter the tech space and need some career path ideas that will help them on their way.
Please note: the opportunities in the tech industry are endless and women are NOT limited to just these 5 careers in this list below. Feel free to spread your wings & fly but use this list to get the hamster to start spinning on the wheel. Ok so the list goes as following:
5 Things For Women To Do In Tech
This role is a good fit for those that enjoy working with others, are quite organized, & finds solutions to problems. You will be doing exactly what this job title states: managing projects. Whatever the assignment may be, project managers are responsible for overseeing, planning, organizing, and completion within a certain timeframe and within budget. 
With NO previous skills in programming you can enter into a career that meets people where they are which is right on their mobile devices. As an Android Developer, you can have an impact in a meaningful way on billions of people through apps on their devices and mobile phones. You will be doing things such as, building and maintaining mobile apps for androids.
Long story short, in this career path you will help make technology more simple and user friendly for people to use. We use technology daily so we know what can make the experience more enjoyable. This career is a great place to share those ideas while helping to implement the ideas you have when working as a UX Designer. It will be quite rewarding to see the fruition of your input coming to life so that users can have a better experience. 
I.T. is short for Information Technology and basically in this role you will identify and resolve issues to make sure the computers and networks are working properly. Just think of a Help Desk technician. Whenever your computer at work starts to act up you reach out to IT Support aka Help Desk and they investigate what's wrong while finding a solution to the problem with your computer. Great customer service skills will help with your success in this position because you will be working with professionals from all levels within the company.
This tech journey is suitable for anyone who enjoys uncovering trends and finding patterns. You will be looking at (analyzing) the data (information) and organizing it so the company can make better and more informed decisions based off the data you collected. Furthermore, you will be responsible for providing a visual representation of this data and sharing what you found with stakeholders and company execs. Your discovery will assist them with making their next move so this is a very important job and is in high demand right now!
Overall, these 5 career options are just one of MANY paths that a woman wanting to pursue a career in the tech industry can take. AND TO PUT THE ICING ON THE CAKE, ALL 5 OF THESE CAREERS LISTED IN THIS ARTICLE CAN BE FOUND ON GOOGLE COURSES! Google has a certification for all 5 of these Tech careers AND tech companies are accepting certifications from Google courses so they won't turn you away if you get certified on Google courses. Now head over to Google course ladies and start your career in tech. Below is the link to Google courses. Click away! (also I am not sponsored by Google or getting paid to promote Google course. I am just sharing the information I found)
Click Here: Google Course Link 
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